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Photos represent similar grass-fed grazing models in New Zealand

May 18, 2017

A climate change solution beneath our feet

Did you know the same regenerative agriculture methods used in Hawai’i Dairy Farms’ pasture-based model could help in the fight against climate change? Scientists at UC Davis are currently researching how sustainable farming practices, similar to those used by HDF, can help in creating healthy soil while also capturing carbon from the atmosphere.  

Published on May 17, 2017 on The Washington Post 

There’s too much carbon in the atmosphere and not enough in the ground where it’s useful. Healthy soil can help flip the picture.

When we think of climate change solutions, what typically comes to mind is the transportation we use, the lights in our home, the buildings we power and the food we eat. Rarely do we think about the ground beneath our feet.

Kate Scow thinks a lot about the ground, or, more precisely, the soil. She’s been digging into the science of how healthy soils can not only create productive farmlands, but also store carbon in the ground, where it belongs, rather than in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Looking across the landscape on a spring day at Russell Ranch Sustainable Agricultural Facility, most people would simply see a flat, mostly barren field. But Scow—a microbial ecologist and director of this experimental farm at the University of California, Davis—sees a living being brimming with potential. The soil beneath this field doesn’t just hold living things—it is itself alive.

Scow likens soil to the human body with its own system of “organs” working together for its overall health. And, like us, it needs good food, water and care to live up to its full potential.

Read the full story at The Washington Post 


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