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March 21, 2017

Hawaii Dairy Farms Status Update

Today the Fifth Circuit Court ruled that Hawaii Dairy Farms is now required to do an Environmental Impact Statement, which revokes all of our permits and approvals to date. While this news is disappointing for Hawaii Dairy Farms, we believe it could be devastating for animal agriculture in Hawaii.

The really unfortunate news is that this decision effectively lumps the dairy into the same category as a wastewater treatment plant, which sets a dangerous precedent for farmers and ranchers. Today’s decision could potentially force all future animal agricultural endeavors that are striving to be more sustainable and environmentally sensitive to produce an Environmental Assessment before beginning operations. This environmental review has never before been required and would likely prove too onerous and expensive for the average farmer or rancher.  

We will move forward with our new second Draft EIS based on feedback from regulators. This decision won’t affect us as much as it will affect smaller farming projects that cannot afford the increased costs from these new regulatory hurdles. 

Hawaii Dairy Farms plans on appealing this decision because this dangerous precedent cannot stand if Hawaii hopes to spur new agricultural projects to meet its goal of providing more local food for our island community. 

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