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March 06, 2014

Letter of Support: All Property Consulting Inc.

Read the full letter of support here.

We at All Property Consulting would like to support Hawaii Dairy Farms’ plans for a new dairy on Kauai.  This new dairy project will bring a much-needed increase in local milk production for our state.  The milk that Hawaii Dairy Farms will be producing will more than double the current statewide supply of fresh milk for our kids and reduces our state’s dependence on imported milk.  By increasing local milk production, Hawaii Dairy Farms is working to ensure Hawaii’s food security. Here are some points that I wanted to share about how this farm will support our local agriculture industry.

Affordable Local Food

Hawaii Dairy Farms is an exciting new model for agriculture in Hawaii.  This grass-fed dairy promises to be much more sustainable than dairies of the past.  By using grass as the primary feed for the cows, Hawaii Dairy Farms isn’t as reliant on imported feeds and their fluctuating prices, which can be very expensive.  We support this effort to help Hawaii find a new model for creating local milk that keeps costs down and provides more nutrition for our community at prices all of us can afford.

Regenerative Farming

All manure produced by Hawaii Dairy Farms’ cows is used as organic fertilizer to help restore the soil and regenerate the pasture.  As we’ve seen throughout the state, former sugar lands are not rich in nutrients and must be revitalized.  Cows grazing in the pasture and rotating through various paddocks will help make sure the nutrients are applied evenly and the grass is able to grow and be maintained as a feed source.  Because grass is the main source of feed, the farm is highly dependent on the health of its pasture and will make sure that all nutrients created by the cows’ manure are used to help the grass grow.

Local Jobs for Local People

This operation will bring much-needed agricultural jobs to our community.  Kauai was home to several dairies in the past, so there is skilled labor on the island that will be able to once again find jobs in their field.  We applaud Hawaii Dairy Farms for making the investment in our community to provide local jobs for local people.  In addition to jobs on the farm, there will be many jobs created throughout the community to provide support services for the farm.  This is not just about one farm, it’s about expanding agricultural opportunities throughout our community and showing our kids that agriculture is a good career path for their future.

Important Agricultural Lands

Dairy cows produce nutritious milk for our community, and ultimately will become grass-fed beef too.  This type of project is exactly what state government was considering when it protected important agricultural lands on each island to preserve our state’s ability to grow its own food.  If we don’t use these designated lands to grow food, then why were they categorized that way at all?  They were picked because they historically had value as lands that were productive for growing food.  It wasn’t meant to make them conservation lands that sit fallow.  Let’s grow some local milk!

Thank you for your time,

Bob Farias, All Property Consulting Inc.


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