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April 11, 2014

Letter of Support: The Kohala Center

Read the full letter of support here.

Dear Ms. Pruder:

The board and staff of The Kohala Center support Hawaii Dairy Farms plans for a new dairy on Kauai. This new dairy project will bring a much-needed increase in local milk production for our state, representing one step towards Hawaii's greater food self-reliance. We believe that the proposed model of regenerative farming will provide an example for other dairy operations in the state and will make good use of important agricultural lands. We have confidence that the Ulupono Initiative will provide the managemet and monitoring to assure that no negative environmental impacts will be generated by dairy operations. The Kohala Center has been assured that this farm will provide skilled and family-supporting employment, expading agricultural opportunities throughout Kauai.

For these reasons, we request that you approve the Hawaii Dairy Farms pending Animal Feed Operation and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan permits.


Roberta Chu, Chairperson, Board of Directors

Matthew M. Hamabata, Ph.D., President and CEO

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