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July 07, 2016

Setting the Record Straight

You may have been hearing advertisements misrepresenting the facts about Hawaii Dairy Farms, attacking our farm manager, our consultants, and our Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  I am writing today to assure you that Hawaii Dairy Farms is committed to developing a pasture-based dairy in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable.  Our mission is to contribute to food security for the Islands with fresh, locally produced milk for local families.
We encourage you to read the facts about our project by clicking on the topics below:

Continuously Improving Our Plan 
NPDES Stormwater Permit and Irrigation 
Animal Waste Management Plan Update
Committed Herd Size
Bringing Our Cows to Kauai
Providing Jobs 
Contributing to Food Security
Mitigating Flies
Nutrient Management 
Preventing Groundwater Impacts
Our Experienced Consultants

In addition, if you hear something about the farm that makes you wonder about our plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the real story.  We’re happy to answer your questions with the facts.

If you haven't yet reviewed the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, please take some time to read it and learn how Hawaii Dairy Farms will benefit the community of Kauai and our state.  All comments must be submitted in writing to HDF@Group70int.com or mailed to either Group 70 International or the Hawaii Department of Health in order to be considered as part of the formal review process. The deadline for receipt of all comments is July 25, 2016.  We will continue to share updates and information via email and if you are interested, please subscribe to our mailing list here.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you about this exciting project.
Mahalo to all of your for your continued support and encouragement!

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